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Synchronicity and Success: Signs You’re on the Right Path

Photo credit: Shannon Kringen

Photo credit: Shannon Kringen

On Sunday night, I went for a moonlight walk.  As I was walking through a park near my house, I noticed something in a tree out of the corner of my eye.  Looking closer, I saw a large owl about 15 feet away. For several powerful minutes, the two of us stayed and appreciated each other.  Then the owl flew off, directly over my head.

That night, I had magical dreams and this week has been among the best I’ve ever had in my business. It’s included more depth in my coaching,  wonderful new clients, and increased momentum for my programs in 2011.

Sychronicitiy means you’re on the right path

In our modern culture, we don’t often value or talk about experiences like I had with the owl.  In cultures that value daily spirituality, these experiences are very important.  Daniel Pinchbeck puts it this way:

In shamanic cultures, sychronicities are recognized as signs that you are on the right path.”

When you are on the right path, success is inevitable.  It comes as a natural result of living life aligned with your spiritual purpose.  Struggle is a natural result of walking a life path that isn’t aligned with your spiritual purpose.  More and more of my work is helping people get out of the struggle patterns and recognize the existing signs to their true spiritual path.

But I can’t see these kind of signs ..

Though most spiritual people believe that sychronicity could guide them, I often hear the following reasons (or excuses) why it won’t work:

  1. I don’t know what to look for
  2. I’m too busy
  3. I’m in too much of a mess
  4. I’m afraid it will take too long
  5. I don’t understand how synchronicity works

As long as you are ignoring your deepest spiritual resources, you will keep struggling.  Because I want you to experience joy and success, I encourage you to use your EFT skills with setup phrases like:

  • Even though I don’t completely understand this sychronicity stuff, I’m willing to be kinder to myself anyway.
  • Even though I don’t know what signs to look for, I acknowledge that I feel a little spiritually lost.
  • Even though I’m afraid I’m too busy and this will take too much time, I choose to accept my situation anyway.

Once you stop fighting the possibility that synchronicity could help you, you can use your EFT for abundance skills to help you start to notice more of this kind of guidance.  Use phrases like:

  • Even though in the past I used to miss signs of spiritual guidance, I’m choosing to be more open to noticing them now.
  • Even though I used to think sychronicity was very rare for me, I give myself permission to have more of these signs in my life.
  • Even though I wish I had more time just for my spirituality, I choosing to allow in more guidance during the course of my daily life.

I look forward to hearing what kinds of spiritual guidance you experience as you use EFT in this way.  Please feel free to post a comment below.

9 Responses to Synchronicity and Success: Signs You’re on the Right Path

  1. Hi Paul,

    I loved hearing about your magical man-to-owl communication. I too love and celebrate synchronicities! Synchronistically, my most recent experience with one was the last thing I posted about in a comment to my own post on budge. (It’s all explained here: http://budgethepudge.com/whats-up-6/) I tell you, I can’t remember ever getting out of a foul mood so fast. (Should write fowl mood in honor of your owl ;-) )

    I remember my meditation teacher teaching that we should be aware of the special things we come across, especially animals, birds, insects, etc.

    Wishing you more lovely synchronicities and lots of success!

    .-= Dr. Nili Marcia´s last blog: What’s up =-.

    • Paul Zelizer says:

      Hi Nili,

      I think it was more like owl-to-man conversation. ;) I can only hope the owl got as much out of our time together. Sounds like you have a wise meditation teacher! Getting out of a fowl mood fast – I look forward to checking out your post.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Louise Woods says:

    Hi Paul,
    I also loved hearing your story and have had a similar experience recently. My partner and I are in the process of buying a house. We used my pendulum to help us decide if it was right for us and what price we should offer. Following this we went for a walk to a forest near to the house we are buying. During the walk we spotted a majestic deer up ahead of us on the path. We stood still for a few minutes pondering each other and then the deer disappeared into the forest. We both felt it was a good sign that the house was for us and we were on the right path (the deer represents the pathfinder). Here’s to more synchronicities!
    Blessings, Lou
    .-= Louise Woods´s last blog: The Right Words =-.

    • Paul Zelizer says:

      Louise: It’s so awesome that you would listen to the sign of the deer. I didn’t share it in the post, but I also got very close to a female mule deer on a hike in the mountains on Saturday. I’m really enjoying getting to know you Louise and I love the fact that we’re sharing these kinds of synchronicities. Thank you!

      Roisin: Glad this is helpful! Re: what the owl shared. I had been carry around anger about a conflict in my life. What the owl taught me is that I was missing or almost missing important opportunities in my life with all that constricted anger energy. The owl helped me ease back into a space of appreciating the moment and noticing the magic that’s present there. Thanks for asking Roisin and hope to hear more from you here.

  3. Lovely post. Yes slow down, look – breathe, listen, connect. Love the ‘be kinder to oneself’.
    You have a lovely style Paul.
    What did the owl share with you?
    .-= Roisin Markham´s last blog: You are invited to learn a skill in your lunchtime =-.

  4. Great post, Paul!

    How COOL that you saw a wise Owl!!! I was fortunate enough to meet someone in the 80s who was all about *synchronicities* and taught me to look for them. Plus, I have always felt *very* close kinship to animals ~ domesticated and wild!

    Thank you also to Louise, for sharing that deer represent pathfinders! I have also had the experience you and Paul shared ~ meeting deer very closeup on hiking trails, where the deer and I stand gazing in appreciation of one another. Such *powerful* experiences for me!

    For the past two years, Hummingbirds have been making nests in my backyard close to my living room window so I could take photos without disturbing the mother or babies. You can see them here: http://www.affirmingspirit.com/humming/

    Paul, I also appreciate the great scripts you share for folks who might find it hard to open up to these types of synchronicities.

    Many blessings,
    .-= AffirmingSpirit´s last blog: Relishing the Renewal =-.

    • Paul Zelizer says:

      Hey Nancy,

      Owls have always represented wisdom and power for me. It was quite an honor to share those moments!

      Getting to know you a bit, it’s not surprising to hear that you’ve learned to listen to synchronicities. You seem like someone who values both best business practices as well as deep spiritual communication. My favorite kind of person to hang out with. ;)

      BTW, really enjoyed your Relishing the Renewal post.

      Thanks for sharing Nancy!

  5. Hi Paul, I must be on track as synchronicity is virtually daily over the past couple of weeks :)
    As far as our animal friends, I just saw a big hawk outside my kitchen window two days ago, and about a year ago a giant owl perched on top of our son’s basketball hoop as my husband and I were standing a few feet away. I was in awe. He just sat for a while as we stared and then he flew off. It was remarkable to say the least. Life is good.

    • Paul Zelizer says:

      Hey Valencia,

      Sounds like you’re definitely on track! Isn’t it fun to see the Universe supporting you in these wonderful ways?

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