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Success and Your Nervous System

Photo credit: Ed Uthman

Photo credit: Ed Uthman

These past few weeks have been wonderfully busy for me.  From the Canadian EFT Gathering in Vancouver to radio shows to lots of connections on social media, there is real momentum building among spiritual people who are ready for more success.  Thanks to all of you who have participated in some way!

One of the new exercises I’ve developed that people have commented on the most is the Success and Your Nervous System Exercise.  I thought it would be more helpful to guide you through it in an audio rather than write it up.  To complete this exercise takes just a few minutes.  The only thing you need is a place where you won’t be interupted.

Click here to listen to the exercise.

Once you have completed the exercise, I would love to hear what you noticed.  What were the signs of the stress response in your body?  What are the signs of social engagement?  If you were able to work more from social engagement mode, how do you think it would effect your success?  Please share your thoughts in the form of a comment below.

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  3. Kat Waring says:

    Hi Paul

    Absolutely loved this exercise! The stress response signs for me were inability to breathe in to the point of actually feeling a bit panicked, and clenching my stomach muscles. The social engagement response was instant deep breathing, and my body started swaying as if I were dancing. I felt light and free and alive!! So much so that I didn’t actually want to go back to the middle of the room :-) I’ll be repeating this exercise often! Thank you!

    • Paul Zelizer says:

      Hey Kat,

      Glad you liked the exercise. And thank you for sharing your experience. Please feel free to operate from the right side of the room as much as you’d like! ;) Becoming more aware of how your nervous system is relating in the work world is a powerful tool in any deliberate creator’s toolbox.

      Much love to you Kat.

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