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3 Things Juicy Sex Teaches You About Success


Credit: Nina Mathews

Sometimes the conversations at our house are  ..  um  ..   kinda spicy.  You see, my finance is also an energy intelligent and spiritual coach.  She specializes in helping women create passion and pleasure in their lives.  Click here to see Francesca’s site.

What happens when you a put a guy who’s passionate about helping people create vibrant and meaningful money lives together with a woman who’s on fire about helping people create deep and passionate sex lives?  J  ..  U  ..  I  ..  C  ..  Y!

The secret to juicy

“Harmony and passion always start with a balance of the masculine and the feminine.  Without this balance, you have chaos.  It’s no wonder that so many young people today can’t maintain a relationship.  They don’t understand that they need both.”

The above quote was told to me by one of the spiritual leaders at the Okay Owingeh Pueblo (native reservations are called pueblos here in northern New Mexico) during a community event.  After hundreds of years living in the same place native people have learned that keeping something juicy means paying attention to the balance of feminine and masculine.

Sex talk in the plumbing aisle

Have you ever been to the hardware store and had the clerk launch into a how-to lesson that sounded something like this: “You need one of these female parts and one of those male parts.  You just insert the male into the female with some of this goo ..”  Who knew fixtures could sound like a sex manual!  ;)

For really juicy sex, it’s helpful to know what combination of plumbing your human suit enjoys.  But for the conscious business seeker, it’s not about the plumbing.  You just need to express the combination of feminine and masculine strengths that’s right for you.

Success = feminine strengths + masculine strengths

Imagine for a minute you had a special camera that could show how sexual energy moved in male and female bodies.  Would it look different? Of course!

Likewise, masculine and feminine approaches to business are very different.  Many conscious entrepreneurs are out of balance around these differences.  This keeps them stuck.

Let’s get specific.  I would say some feminine strengths that are helpful in business are:

  • intuition
  • empathic listening
  • emotional intelligence
  • the vibration of love and nurturing
  • the ability to see the big picture

Some of the more masculine strengths I see in business are:

  • logical thinking
  • goal setting
  • time management
  • strategic planning
  • valuing technology

3 Steps to More Balance in Your Business:

1) Stop judging! When you label either way of viewing the world as “good” or “bad”, you set up an internal conflict.  Use your energy psychology and mindfulness tools to turn down the critical voices.

2) Explore your own feminine and masculine strengths. Spiritual teachers have always taught that we have both masculine and feminine energy within us.  Get honest about which of these you are less in touch with.  Then, explore this part of yourself. Hidden treasures present themselves when you have the courage to explore your relatively unknown parts.

3) Network with people who are different than you are. Organizational psychologists have a name for what happens when everyone in a group thinks the same –  “group think”.  Don’t go there.  Instead, consciously connect with people who have the kinds of strengths that you would benefit from developing.

I’d love to hear your experience with this balance in the form of a comment below.  Thanks for reading!

4 Responses to 3 Things Juicy Sex Teaches You About Success

  1. Hi Paul,

    Good info here! Studied sociology and am most familiar with group think. It’s dangerous and I see it all the time, esp in politics, each member of a party is supposed to have blind allegiance to the part platform. I’m all for standing up for my own opinions! And yes to exploring all our strengths no matter what the group think mantra says about how a woman or a man should act.

    It just makes us more sexy and juicy!

    Thx, Giulietta
    .-= Giulietta Nardone´s last blog: Yes- land is an endangered species =-.

    • Paul Zelizer says:


      I appreciate you as a juicy and strong woman! I’m enjoying getting to know the depth and clarity of your opinions. Thanks for sharing and caring.



  2. Louise Woods says:

    Hey Paul,
    Wow another synchronicity! I have recently been working on this very issue with my tapping buddy. I was a software engineer for 10 years working in a very male dominated environment. During that time I became quite defensive and the masculine definitely overtook the feminine. The trouble was this was not me. I became very stressed and this led me to discovering therapies, EFT and my true path!
    Now being an EFT Practitioner and Therapist I am utilizing my feminine skills of empathy, intuition and nurturing. I have also recognized that I need to balance this with logical thinking, goal setting and planning! So thanks for the reminder that balance is the key! :-)
    Blessings, Lou
    .-= Louise Woods´s last blog: The Right Words =-.

    • Paul Zelizer says:

      Hey Lou,

      Those synchronicities do have a way of building when we allow them, don’t they!

      I’m so glad to hear that you’re tending to this balance. So many EFT practitioners have a story similar to yours – a negative experience of the masculine energies bring them to the more intuitive healing mode of energy psych. They get excited and start a business – then struggle because they don’t have clear business goals and strategies. I agree balance is the key! Would love to hear more about what balance looks like for you.

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